Author Interview: Jane Jago

Okay folks, grab your favourite beverage because I’ve got a treat for you on the blog today. Joining me for a chat is Jane Jago, author of Bolded Hearts, Pulling the Rug, three Dai and Julia Mysteries, and a whole host more. I hear she’s brought cake (and her dog) too! Ooh, is that cake […]

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Author Interview: Adam Martin

Welcome to the blog, Adam. I’m excited to hear about both Xenoman and your writing process (everyone has their own way of getting the writing done). So tell me, are you a Planner, a Pantster, or a Plantster when it comes to writing? A planster. I know the basic skeleton of what I want to […]

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Author Interview: Kayla Matt

Welcome to the first author interview for the blog! Get yourself settled in with your favourite beverage and say hello to Kayla Matt and her Hellbent Series. Speaking of beverages…   Hi there Kayla, welcome to the blog. So, I’ll start with the most important question. Tea or coffee? Coffee, and I like it black […]

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