From the BadCandyverse: The Great Bolzany

There are ghosts in these parts.


Everyone who visits the Honeycomb Catacombs knows they’re haunted.  There’s a particular corridor where visitors stop and turn around. Maybe they hear an odd moan or perhaps feel the cold snap in the air.


It is, of course, total rubbish.


The Catacombs are home to some of Zuckerland’s greatest archaeological finds and that presents a problem- how to conserve them.  Many of the artefacts were safely removed and only a handful remain in situ (too fragile to remove).  Then some brainy Prinz in Wunschtopia decided to open the Catacombs to the public (to stop tinfoil hat conspiracies about the origins of the complex).  Now you’ve got muddy feet traipsing where you don’t want them, and tourists taking photos with priceless antiquities in their hands.


Enter the Great Bolzany, a hired hand in rehoming the treasures, and his “ghost problem”.  To stop tourists from getting too close, he concocted the story that ghosts terrorised the deeper parts of the Catacombs.  Next came a stroke of luck!  His patron died from a severe case of Browntrotz (a total coincidence, most visitors to Wunschtopia fall foul of it).  All Bolzany had to do was mention the death and the “ghosts” in the same conversation and bingo!


Zuckerland’s greatest treasures are safe (for the time being).


You can visit Zuckerland in these quick reads- Bad Candy on Amazon


Gaming Wednesday: Theming Pocket Camp.


The easiest way to get more of the essences you want.


I had a clear out of my favourite Campers yesterday 😦  One of my goals is to max out all the various amenities for the Campsite and I’m working on the Tent and Halfpipe.  To upgrade them I’m going to need a load of Sport Essence and my lovely Cute Campers aren’t going to help there.


So, out with the old!  I’ve cleared every spot on my Campsite and filled them with as many Sporty Campers as I can.  My next job is to befriend more (bribe them with Snacks) so they can stay on the Campsite as well.


I miss my Cute Campers (my favourite are the Nature Campers though) and I can’t wait to get done with every theme.  I’ll sure have a tough time deciding between a Nature Campsite or a Cute one with loads of food items though.


My top tip for Essence Collecting- match your Campers to your amenities 🙂


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Deutschland Dienstag: My Top 3 Cool German Ideas

This could be called “My Top 3 adjustments to German Life”.


  • Schooling begins in the year you turn six.  This is one of the many reasons we moved here- it gives our daughter more time to learn through play rather than lists of spellings and homework from four years old.  Now, the flip-side to this is the mind-boggling (to non-Germans) idea that those six-year-olds walk to school alone.  I’ll be honest, I’m struggling with my need to “bubblewrap” on this.  I have almost two years to wrestle with it though.


  • Pfand.  Money back when you recycle drinks bottles 🙂  Pfand is usually stated on the Price Ticket, so you get an idea of how much comes back to you.  Many Pfand machines have options to donate your earnings to the store’s chosen charity or take the cash yourself.


  • Shops are closed on Sundays.  Now, this is a contentious one.  Personally, I love it.  I’ll admit it took us about a month to get into the habit of remembering, but Garages are open for emergency buys. Sunday is our Family Day, sometimes we go out (I feel sorry for the Restaurant workers etc. because they’re working though).  The majority of the time we dedicate to family activities (baking, crafting, going for a walk etc.)  Sundays give us one a day a week where we can guarantee quality time together.


What are your favourite things about where you live?  Let us know in the comments.

Welcome to the Week: Week 5- A mini-break.

This week is about trying to relax.


My husband starts a new job on Friday and so he’s using the last of his owed holiday and we have some time together.  Coincidently, this week I’m continuing the editing, planning the fourth Bad Candy, and assuming the role of Admin in a reader/writer group.  Let the plate spinning commence!


Worryingly I developed a sniffle last night, so I’m praying I can keep up with things whilst fending off the plague- we shall see.  If not, I’ll hunker down with my latest read “Nachtruhe” which I should finish this week- that’s Baden Württemberg done on my “Read my way around Germany” challenge.  Next up is Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (a state I know very little about) and I’m excited to learn more from.


How are you going to relay this week?  Let me know in the comments 🙂




A Taste of Bad Candy


See, here?” The Prinz stroked his grey-white frosting beard. “That’s why I need the likes of you. Uncommon analysis. Those Sherbet Dips at the Bureau always join the dots numerically, but you my boy, you think in colours.” He gave a sage nod to Marvelo.

Marvelo remained frozen to the spot. He’d never met royalty before but beginning with a curtsey felt like a bold opening move. Marvelo didn’t trust his body after that. He permitted his eyes to wander to the left whilst they worked out how magical balls-ups passed for intellectual prowess.

The Prinz, having allowed his wisdom to soak in for a while, continued. “There’s no other way around it, young Marv, we’re gaining children.” He stroked his beard once more and then tousled it back into ‘unkempt’. “Frankly, I’m surprised no-one else has noticed. You lot don’t, you know, ‘produce’, and yet here these whippersnappers are.”

I never considered it much”, Marvelo agreed. He didn’t add that Mother had warned him about that kind of thing and suggested cold showers instead. “So you want me to investigate this? Me? Not someone with qualifications or crime-solving capabilities?”

Oh no, I don’t want a goon with a badge, the Fondant Investigation Bureau’s already chock full of them. Not this time. No. This time I need a team of radical thinkers, bring along that cat of yours, he’s just shifty enough I’ll wager.”

Marvelo considered how much the Prinz appeared to know about him. Anyone could see his final grade from the College, that was a matter of public record, but Bootz. Cats were a staple of the trade he’d admit, surely the Prinz had made a good guess? How to get Bootz on board remained though, he didn’t relish hard work at the best of times, a fish pie would do the trick. Marvelo noticed he’d talked himself into the job. A shiver of excitement danced across his spine.

Bootz and I are at your service, Sire.” With that, Marvelo bowed low and backed out of the room as per royal protocol (never turn your back on royalty-it leaves you exposed).

Moments later, a highly decorated Gingerbread man skulked out of the shadows. He pulled his liquorice moustache to curling point.

What was all that thinking in colours nonsense about, your Madge?” he barked. Rolla laughed.

PR, dear boy, PR. The children are a Human problem, the FIB’s full of Candykind, I need a Human on the case for protection should things turn sour.” The Prinz waved his hand in the air. “It is a Human problem, yes?” Professor Inverr gave only a nod.


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Potluck Post: Judy L Mohr goes device free!

When I lived back in England I used to give myself “Old Style Sundays”, the aim of the day was to switch off my devices and reconnect with me.  I used it to colour, write, get out in the garden, or bake.


It felt like bliss.


So when I read this post by Judy L Mohr I couldn’t help but share it.  It’s a bold move in our “constantly switched on” world and it has its ups and downs but being device-free for one day a week has tremendous benefits 🙂

Gaming Wednesday: Fishing Tournament 10

Pocket Camp’s tenth Fishing Tournament is here!


And I’ve got my Golden Fishing Rod 🙂  The beauty of that baby is a double-catch with every fish- a must-have if you want to bag the Ski Suit on offer as the top prize.


This time we’re catching Salmon (Lachs), Smelt (Stint), and Common Dace (Hasel)- please let me know if the US/UK translations are incorrect 😉


We have until the 29th (local times may be a factor) and other prizes include an Ice-Fishing Decoration (Eis-Angelteich), Puffer Jackets (Daunenwesten), and another Snow Sculpture (Schnee-Trio).  Good luck everyone (Daumen drücken für Sie).

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Deutschland Dienstag: Käsespätzle

Today I’m sharing a post from The Daring Gourmet 🙂


My German Reading Challenge began earlier this year with a Regional Crime set in Baden-Württemberg.  I joked to my husband that if I didn’t see a mention of Käsespätzle and Maultaschen then I’d be disappointed (both have featured, so the regionality is covered).


The best way to describe Käsespätzle is Cheesy Noodles, I guess.  You don’t have a sauce (as you do with Macaroni Cheese) so the texture of the dish is slightly different and you get pure Cheese rather than the creaminess of a cheese sauce.  Yes, I’m a fan of Macaroni Cheese too lol.

Käsespätzle Recipe

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