Make it Mittwoch: Christmas Lights

I need more light!


My husband used to be a “not until December” Christmas decorator until I provided a lightbulb moment (pun intended).  At this time of year, bringing light into our home helps us fight the urge to “power-down”.  And so, I made this-



To make one for yourself, you’ll need:




Drill (optional)

Battery operated String lights (mine are a metal string with the lights woven in, so they don’t stick out).

Print-out of the shape you want (you could draw directly onto the wood)


  1.  Pop the print-out in place on your wood (or draw directly onto the wood), simple shapes work best.
  2. Drill a hole and feed the lights through (this avoids the cable leading down to your pattern- you can see the non-drilled option in my version).
  3. Hammer your nails in at the points where the outline changes direction until you have your shape.  You can now rip away the paper and recycle 🙂
  4. Wrap the end of the light string around the first nail a few times to hold it in place.
  5. Go point to point, wrapping the string around the nail once to hold in place.
  6. Repeat until you reach the end of the string.
  7. Wrap the string around the last nail a few times and weave any spare string into a nearby outline.
  8. Switch on and enjoy your Christmas light! (To save battery life, never leave the lights on whilst unattended.  I find the batteries on these type of lights don’t last long otherwise).

Welcome to the Week: Week 47

Being thankful


Last Saturday wasn’t a good day, our car broke down and robbed my husband of a whole day.  The car was towed to a garage, got all fixed up, only to breakdown 200m later 😦  Another tow truck (and another tow truck bill) got him more or less home.  The “windfall” money we received the day before evaporated in tow truck fees.

But we’ll get through.


We’re blessed with a wonderful daughter and we’re surrounded by love.  We have a roof over our heads and food on our table.  Time together is precious.  Everything else is the icing on the cake.  This week I’m thankful for everything I have and knowing that it’s enough.

Be excellent this week, my writer friends!

Gaming Wednesday: Life is Feudal- Your Own

I’m a farmer, not a fighter.


You may have noticed a theme the last week (my loss of the internet) and this game’s the culprit!  Well, actually it was my husband fiddling with things to set up a server we could play on together.


My virtual chickens died 😦  I played on someone else’s server and I soon realised that should that server shut down I’d lose all progress.  Because it takes real effort (or GM commands) to find resources and farm them, you invest a huge amount in this game.  That’s the hook for me.


I love that we’re building a three-storey plaster house together and that marauders can’t trash it (I enjoy PVE rather PVP, but I get that some characters won’t play by the rules on some servers- that’s kind of the point).  Now I have my fingers crossed that our internet remains stable lol.

Welcome to the Week: Week 46

Editing my daily routine




The aftermath of my Internet holiday demands it!  This week is about eliminating the non-essential so I can catch up.  If you sent me a message between the 4th and 8th November, it might take a fraction longer to reply, sorry 😦


NaNoWriMo is going well.  I have one short story in the bag (oh the editing will be fun) and more work on Bad Candy 3.  I’m a day behind because I spent one night trying to fix the internet connection, but I’m determined!


Be excellent this week, my writer friends!

Living in a Real world/Imagined world

My internet broke!!!




Well, technically my husband broke our connection whilst attempting to do something thoughtful for me 🙂  However, living without the internet came in handy this week because I’m writing five Steampunk shorts for NaNoWriMo.

I grew up in those heady pre-internet days where we’d go outside, and make our own toys, or whatever folksy hokum we spin when we get older.  I missed the internet.  There, I typed it.  I couldn’t read (until I went to the library for new material) because my Kindle has Freetime and needs to access the internet, no YouTube, no Duolingo to learn German with.

But I missed the instant access to information.

As writers, we all know our browsing history would probably get us arrested.  Who doesn’t need a poison with specific symptoms, to know the ratio for CPR (see I revived him, not guilty your Honour), or the currency of Vanuatu.  But seriously, the ease at which I can get these answers (and verify them) is unprecedented.

So whilst I’m writing about the invention of the Questioning Machine, I’ve come to truly appreciate the technology we have today.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have cat videos to watch 🙂

Welcome to the Week: Week 45

Balancing my writing time



NaNoWriMo is kicking my arse!

Full of enthusiasm, I signed up this year with an aim to get writing again.  With Bad Candy 2 in pre-launch (at the time) I had to spend significant time on non-writing stuff and it bothers me.  I always put writing first and so to regain my focus NaNo seemed a good idea.

The problem now?  No time to read.

I’m still trying to reach more readers and I desperately need to redo my blurbs.  In fairness, I’ve got back into Life is Feudal: Your Own which is a time thief.  The upside is socialising in German and learning all the chat abbreviations, so it’s something I’m reluctant to drop altogether.  Maybe I can cut it back a little.

So my plan for the rest of the month goes:

  • Write first.  Get half my NaNo count done before I get on my social media.
  • Cut back LiF and get reading
  • Use the extra time to work on Bad Candy 3


How do you juggle all your writing jobs?  Are you doing NaNo?  Let us know in the comments.

Cottontails: Easter Eggs in Emerald Land.

I like to hide things in my short stories- Cottontails, for example.




Cottontails began in Hope’s Well because I needed a “fluffy” sounding pet for Verity.  It was a passing mention but a seed planted itself.  The first Easter after Hope’s release I decided to write a freebie and naturally, a Cottontail appeared in it.  From there, the idea grew.  Cottontails are a breed of Rabbit that reproduce so voraciously they hop dimensions when they run out of space.  They pop up in the BadCandyverse, too.


This month, I began a Steampunk Project for NaNoWriMo.  Will Cottontails make an appearance in Southside?  If air-ships, Matriarchy in England, and steam-powered robots can- they I think I have space for some fluffiness.


Have fun hunting all my Easter Eggs, over here-


Gaming Wednesday: Pocket Camp like a Pro

Want to get ahead in the game?  Here are my top 3 tips.


  1. Store fruit on the ground.  That way you have fruit on the ground and on the tree in three hours.  Perfect for when your villagers all want Peaches!
  2. Rotate your Campers.  If you need cool essence for upgrading your tent, then having as many Campers that reward you with it will get you upgraded quicker.
  3. Sell cheap.  Expensive/rare items tend to hang around your Bazaar and clog up your boxes.  Everyone loves a bargain!

Do you love Pocket Camp?  Add me as a friend, with this code:

5533 5412 292



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